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This assignment is an introduction to the methods of wood construction. You will create a wood structure that holds, displays, or creates a relationship to another object, image, or material. You might take a simple thing like a cinder block and create a wood structure that supports the object completely off the ground, or you might create a wood display for an object that separates it from its original context. Emphasis will be placed on the wood construction; you will be building the structure with a purpose. The construction is encouraged to be simple but it needs to be built with care and with the object it’s supporting or displaying in mind. There will be a demo of ways to cut and join wood at the beginning of this assignment. The  final sculpture must be bigger than 2’ on at least one side, it also must have at least 3 different types of joints involved in the construction i.e. you cant just duct tape or hot glue all the wood together. You can use the floor or wall for the installation of this piece.


• Choose an object, image, or material you would like to respond to and build your structure for.

• In your sketchbook make at least 5 drawings of possible constructions you think might achieve the above requirements. Be quick and loose with the drawings. Please mark the pages in your sketchbook with the assignment number.

• Make a quick model in cardboard or paper of one of your drawings as a material sketch. This model is a possible starting point for the wood construction. Bring the model to class for discussion. – Wood Joinery Basics -Dovetails Alex Da Corte

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